Texas Bucket List

Texas Bucket List
San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX

It was hard to say goodbye to all my good friends in Corpus Christi, TX where I’ve been spending the winters for the last ten years. I love the road trip back and forth, but the older I get the longer it takes me to recover from it! So this time I tried to cross a few things off my “Texas Bucket LIst.”

I started in San Antonio, one of my favorite cities anywhere. The predicted rain mercifully stayed away, and I was able to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Wolff Stadium, watching the San Antonio Missions in some Texas League action against the Arkansas Travelers. The best part was sharing the day with dear friends, Karen and Mark.

Although the pitching wasn’t great, there was still plenty of entertainment, from the surprising number of Hall of Famers who once played in San Antonio, to the cutest mascot I’ve seen yet…”Ballapeno,” the hot pepper–and since it was Easter Sunday he got to dance with his famous guest bunny!

Next morning I drove up into the beautiful Texas Hill Country. First stop was Wimberley, which seems to be recovering nicely from last year’s floods. My main destination was the Blue Hole Regional Park. There are lots of these hidden swimming holes in Texas and this is one of the best.

From Wimberley I continued to the star attraction for the day, Hamilton Pool. The pool was originally a limestone cavern and grotto that collapsed. Thousands of years of water erosion formed what we see today including the pool and 50-ft. waterfall. April turned out to be a perfect time to visit, since the weather is good but it’s not as crowded as it will get later in the summer, when you have to make reservations to get into the preserve!

The surreal setting reminded me of some of the places in the Columbia Gorge where you can walk behind the waterfall. After enjoying the pool I made one more stop in Marble Falls, a cute little Hill Country town that was the favorite of another old friend, the late Lynn Jones. I can definitely see why Lynn liked it here so much.


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