Texas weekend

Just made a quick getaway to visit all my old pals in Texas.  I flew into Austin and drove to Corpus Christi, seeing some great Texas sights along the way!


Cheap gas is only one of the attractions that brought me to visit South Texas every winter.  Here in Portland it was more like $3.75. This sign was in Corpus Christi, but I saw gas as low as $2 in Austin.

I’ve been passing the billboards for Natural Bridge Caverns, near New Braunfels, TX for many years and this time I decided to stop and do the tour.  This is a family owned site, and much larger than I thought it would be.  The Natural Bridge is just above the entrance to the cavern. It has quite a variety of rock formations.

Our guide was a brilliant young woman who had a degree in geology and geography. She couldn’t be stumped by any of our silly questions.

The original explorers had to crawl through narrow passageways but now the entrance has been made a bit easier. The caverns have been preserved thanks to the generous support of Clara Wuest, who gave pretty much her life savings to purchase the property and keep it open to the public.

The last part of the tour led us through this huge hall with the interesting roof, and we enjoyed the Christmas decorations on the way out.

The warm weather in Corpus Christi was a treat after a cold November in Portland. I was able to visit the Bayfront and some of my favorite birding spots. Meals and visits with good friends were the best part.  The statue above is the bayfront memorial to Selena, the Tejano music star who was born here and died very young.

On the way back to Austin I stopped in San Antonio, one of my favorite cities.  The River Walk never gets old.  The picture on top is the Arneson Theatre–the stage is on one side of the river and the audience on the other, so you’re likely to see a tour boat go by in the middle of watching your show!

After more visiting with old friends in Austin, I headed back to chilly Portland. Next planned travel is to Williamsburg, VA in April.


6 thoughts on “Texas weekend”

  1. Hi, Andrea
    Another very interesting trip indeed.
    Williamsburg is some of my dream destination. I will be waiting impatiently until next spring to get your narrative on Williamsburg


  2. It was really a treat to see you and get to visit. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you. I have passed by the caverns also but have never visited. I will put it on my agenda to visit. Your photos were very spectacular and peaked my interest. I never realized that the outdoor theatre was split up like that so that you might see a boat during the performance. How funny is that. Would like to come visit in the spring as have never visited Oregon. Heard it is rather beautiful! Keep traveling and writing about your adventures. Love from Corpus. Carla

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